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Canny hydraulics Inc focus on  selling quality products fabricated by owner owns factories and customized products required by customers.  We also develop new products based on customers interested or marketing research.


DV20/DV35 Valves

Parts and Accessories

V20 (SDV25) Valves


  • C101, C102, G101, G102 Series Dump Pumps and Parts
  • P15, P20, P25, P30/31, P37, P50/51, P75/76 Series Bearing Pumps/Motors.
  • P315, P330, P350, P365 Series Bushing Pumps/Motors

Hydraulic Valves

  • DV20, DV35 Series hydraulic sectional direction control valves (Interchangeable with Parker Commercial DVA20/DVG20, DVA35/DVG35 Series)
  • V20 (also call SDV25) Series hydraulic sectional direction control valve (Interchangeable with Parker Gresen V20 Series)
  • RPL inline relief valve, FC51/FCR51 Flow control Valve etc Accessories Valves

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